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Standing Meeting


In this section, you can visit lots of different employers, covering careers as diverse as engineering and construction to health roles and creative careers such as music.  You’ll also be able to find out more about local Colleges, Universities and Training Providers who offer Apprenticeships (paid jobs with training included). 


You may not recognise many of the company names here but explore each area to find out more about what they do. Remember that the information you find here will be really helpful if you complete the competition! 

Be inspired!

Click on the employer tables below or use the drop down links in the tool bar

Sandwell College.png
STEAM school.png
Gordon franks.png
bcu casf.png
aston table new.png
Newman University.png
Access creative college.png
Acardis table.png
medical mavericks.png
south and city college table.png
Titan Teacher Training table.png
Wesleyan CASF Table.png
LYC table copy.png
REPL Table.png
BOA table.png
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